1. Completed Application for Admission
  2. Background check / fingerprints. Background checks are valid for three (3) years. Be sure to make note of your Cactus ID, you will need it for future reference.
  3. Test Scores
    Elementary Majors: Passing scores on Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031) Subtests: Read/Lang (5032) 165, Math (5033) 165, Social Studies (5034) 155, and Science (5035) 155. Go to http://www.ets.org/s/praxis/pdf/5031.pdf for a “Test at a Glance.”
    Secondary Majors: ACT with minimum scores required in each area; a composite score of at least 21. English-20, Math 19, Reading, 18 Science 18 Or Praxis test #5751-Core Academic Skills For Educators is required if your ACT scores are below the minimum requirement in any area. This is a general knowledge test covering Reading, Writing and Math. The passing score for each section is 170. If you scored high enough in certain areas on the ACT but not in others, just take the section of the Praxis that you didn't meet the requirements on in the ACT. Go to http://www.ets.org/praxis to register.
  4. Completed group interview, minimum score of 25.
    To sign up for the Group Interview, please contact Shirley Wilson at wilson@suu.edu
  5. Cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 3.00.
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