It is your responsibility to meet the deadline dates for:

  • Application for Admission to the College of Education.
  • Praxis I tests and group interviews.
  • Background check/Fingerprints.
  • Block/Clinical Practice Applications.
  • Graduation/Licensure Packet.
  • PRAXIS: Content and PLT tests.

If these deadlines are not met, I will have to wait until the next available date to apply.

Also understand the following:

  • Elementary majors must pass the Praxis ll content test (5031) before taking the Block.
  • Secondary majors must pass the Praxis II content prior to student teaching.
  • If I am denied admission, education courses completed may not count toward a degree.
  • If I am denied admission, it is my responsibility to complete the application for admission or to initiate an appeal through the Education Advisor.
  • The COEHD will not recommend me for teacher licensure if there are any “D” grades in my generals, major or minor courses. This includes courses taken for an Associate’s Degree.
  • Elementary majors must have MATH 2010 and MATH 2020 (Math for Elementary Teachers) to be eligible for teacher licensure.
  • It is my responsibility to speak with my major advisor to verify general education classes necessary for graduation.
  • I It is my responsibility to speak with my major and minor advisors to verify classes necessary for graduation and licensure.
  • You must read the Professional and Ethical Conduct for Educators and understand the ethical expectations of all educators in Utah and agree to abide by these standards.
  • It is your responsibility to provide a letter of explanation if I will be taking more than one semester off from the program. Failure to do so may require re-admission to the college.
  • You must read the above requirements and you must understand that failure to complete and follow these procedures may delay your progress in the program.
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