This tutorial shows students how to do a peer review in Canvas. In order for Canvas to recognize a peer review as being completed, the reviewer must do 2 things:

1) leave a comment in the pane on the right

2) evaluate the assignment using the rubric (if the instructor included a rubric with the assignment)

Step 1

Open the assignment you have been assigned to peer review. Links to your assigned peer reviews will appear in the Assigned Peer Reviews section in the pane on the right. Select the name of the student you have been assigned to peer review.

Note: The peer review section will not appear until after you have submitted your own assignment.

Screenshot of the Assigned Peer Reviews.

Step 2

You will see the submission in the center of the page. Select the title of their submission to download it or select View Feedback to view and annotate the submission within Canvas.

Note: Some file types are not compatible with the annotation tools.

Screenshot of the View Feedback button.

If you selected View Feedback, the assignment will open in a preview window. You will see the annotation tools in the top left corner. Use the tools to add comments, highlight parts of the paper, etc.

These annotations provide valuable feedback to the owner of the assignment, but comments/annotations made in the preview window do not count as the comment required for Canvas to recognize the peer review as complete.

Select the X in the top right corner of the window to close it. Your annotations will be saved.

Screenshot of the annotation tools.

Step 3

The comment pane on the right side of the page is where the reviewer must write a comment in order for Canvas to recognize the peer review as complete. Type your comment and then select Save.

Screenshot of the comments pane.

Step 4

If your instructor included a rubric with the assignment, you must evaluate the rubric criteria in order for Canvas to recognize that the peer review is complete. If available, you can access the rubric by selecting Show Rubric in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the Show Rubric button.

Select the rating that corresponds with the submission to score the criteria. Select the green speech bubble to add a comment related to that criterion. Select Save Comment to save your work and close the rubric.

Screenshot of the rubric.

Step 5

Refresh the page to make sure the top of the page now says, "You have finished the required steps for this peer review."

Screenshot of the top of the page.

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