Your students are required to leave comments and rubric scores in order to complete a peer review. This tutorial will show you how to access the comments and rubric results.

Step 1

First open the assignment for which you want to view the peer reviews and then select Peer Reviews in the pane on the right.

Screenshot of the Peer Reviews button.

Step 2

A checkmark will appear next to assignments that have already been reviewed. You will see a triangle next to assignments that have not been peer reviewed yet.

Screenshot of the triangle and checkmark.

Step 3

You can remind students who have not completed their peer reviews to do their reviews. To do so, hover your mouse over the review that still needs to be done and then select the bell that appears. The student will receive a reminder email.

Screenshot of the green arrow.

Step 4

To open a submission and peer review results, select the name next to the checkmark.

Screenshot of the student's name.

Step 5

You can view the comments made by the student who reviewed the paper in the column on the right.

Screenshot of the comments pane.

Step 6

1) Select Show Rubric in the top right corner to view rubric evaluations.

2) Select the green speech bubbles to view comments for the rubric criteria.

3) Select the X in the top right corner to close the rubric.

Screenshot of the rubric.

Step 7

Select View Feedback to view the comments attached to the assignment (if any).

Screenshot of the View Feedback button.

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