This tutorial shows faculty and students how to find the CRNs for their courses. Faculty can find the CRN within Canvas, but students have to find the CRN in their SUU portal.


Step 1

Open the course and then select the Settings tool at the bottom of the pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Settings tool.

Step 2

Locate the SIS ID section; it is the fourth option from the top. The CRN is the five digit number after the course number.

Screenshot of the CRN.


Step 1

Log into your portal and then select Registration in the Banner pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Registration option.

Step 2

Select Student Detail Schedule.

Screenshot of the Student Detail Schedule option.

Step 3

Use the dropdown menu to select the term that includes the applicable course. Then select Submit.

Screenshot of selecting the term.

You will see a list of your courses with the details below each one. The CRN is the second option.

Screenshof of the CRN.

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