Use the People tool to view the course roster, access additional information about course members, view user groups, view prior enrollments, view the student interactions report, and view the registered services your students use.

Step 1

Select People in the navigation menu on the left side of the page.

Screenshot of the People tool.

Step 2

You will see the Everyone tab, which is the roster for the course. Type in a name to search for a specific person. Select the drop down arrow to display only people with certain roles. Select a name to view more details for that person. Look at the Total Activity column to view how long your students spend within your course. (Page views have to be at least 2 minutes long in order to be calculated into the Total Activity.)

Screenshot of the Everyone tab.

Step 3

If you have created groups in your course, you will be able to view them by selecting the tabs at the top of the page. You can edit the groups within the group set in the tab. You can also add group sets and thus additional tabs by selecting +Group Set.

Screenshot of the Research Group tab.

Step 4

Return to the Everyone tab. Select the gear icon in the top right corner to view the following options:

  1. View User Groups: view groups created by students

  2. View Prior Enrollments: view users who were enrolled in the course if the course was manually concluded

  3. Student Interactions Report: view the last time you interacted with your students, the current grade for each student, the final grade for each student, and if there are any submitted but ungraded assignments for each student

  4. View Registered Services: view the services (such as Google Docs and Skype) for which your students are registered

Screenshot of the View Registered Services button.

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