The Course Review helps instructors meet certain recommendations as they create online courses. The Course Review is specifically for new online courses, but it is optional for all online and on-campus courses.

SUU has subscribed to Quality Matters (QM), which is a nationally recognized online course quality program. Quality Matters fundamentals have been incorporated into the Course Review.

Courses are reviewed based on the Course Review Quality Questions

Please submit your request at least a month before the semester starts to give SUU Online adequate time to complete your review.


Go to Canvas Course Quality Review Request Form to fill out the form.

Enter Course Information

Fill out the course information including course number (example: Art-1010), course title (example: Introduction to Fine Art), CRN, if you have one, the Canvas Course URL (example: and the anticipated semester and year of the launch date (example: Spring 2019).

Enter Instructor's Information

Fill in your first name, last name and email in the Instructor's Information section.


In the disclaimer section, select the appropriate option. If your course has been preapproved for development compensation, select the first option. If you select this option, a copy of your review will be sent to your dean. If you want your course reviewed for your own information only, select the second option. Your dean will not receive a copy of your course review.

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