This is a tutorial will walk you through installing and setting up the SpeedGrader App for iOS devices.

Installing and Setting Up the SpeedGrader App

Step 1

Open the App Store.

Screenshot of the App Store app.

Step 2

Search for SpeedGrader. Then select Get and then Install next to the SpeedGrader app.

Screenshot of the SpeedGrader app.

Step 3

Find the SpeedGrader app and tap it to open it.

Screenshot of the SpeedGrader app.

Step 4

Type in Southern Utah University.

Screenshot of searching for SUU.

Step 5

Enter your username and password and tap LOGIN.

Screenshot of the login page.

Step 6

If you are on your own device, tap the box next to Remember Authorization. Then tap Authorize.

Screenshot of the Authorize page.

Understanding the Dashboard

  1. Select the title of the course to view the assignments in that course. The numbers in red circles indicate how many assignments are waiting to be graded in that course.

  2. Select the arrow to change the color associated with the course.

  3. Select the options at the top of the window to toggle between viewing your favorite courses and all of your courses.

  4. The red circle with a number shows the number of assignments that need grading in that course.

Screenshot of the SpeedGrader dashboard.

Grading Assignments

Open a course to view the assignments. Tap an assignment to grade the submissions.

Screenshot of selecting an assignment.

  1. Select the magnifying glasses to zoom in and out.

  2. Select the button with the downward pointing arrow to download the file with or without annotations.

  3. Select the arrows in the middle of the window to scroll through the pages of the assignment. You can also type in a number in the textbox to jump to a specific page.

  4. Select the speaker icon in the top right corner to mute or unmute the assignment. Muting an assignment hides the students' grades until you're ready to release all of the grades.

Screenshot of grading an assignment.

To switch students, select the student's name at the top and then select the name of the student. Tap Grade or Name in the top right corner to change how the students' names are filtered. You can also swipe left or right on the assignment to switch students.

Screenshot of switching students.

Add a Comment on the Assignment

Select the speech bubble icon in the top left corner. Then select the location on the assignment where you want to place the comment. When a yellow box appears off to the side, select the box to start typing.

To delete a comment, select the comment and then select Delete.

Screenshot of adding a comment.

Using the Grading Pane

Tap the three circles in the top right corner to open the grading pane. Make sure you are on the Grade option.

  1. Tap the drop-down menu to switch between submissions (if applicable).

  2. Type the score for the assignment in the text box.

  3. Select Save to save the score.

  4. Tap the scores in the rubric criteria to grade them. Tap Add Comment to write a comment on the rubric.

Screenshot of the grading pane.

Using the Comments Pane: Text Comments

Tap the Comments option at the top of the pane to open the comments pane.

Tap the textbox and type your comment. Then tap Post.

Screenshot of adding a text comment.

Using the Comments Pane: Audio Comments

Tap the Audio option at the bottom of the pane.

Tap the microphone to start recording.

Record your audio comment.

Tap the square to stop recording.

Tap the garbage can icon to start over.

Select Post to save your audio comment.

Screenshot of adding an audio comment.

Using the Comments Pane: Video Comments

Tap the Video option at the bottom of the pane.

Tap the blue circle to start recording. Tap the camera icon to use a different camera, if applicable. Record your video. Tap the square to stop the recording. Select the garbage can icon to start over, the play button to replay the recording, and the checkmark to save the video.

Screenshot of adding a video comment.

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