Google Drive is a central location to store your files. You can access Google Drive from your desktop, online, or the Google Drive App. If you change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device, the file will update on every device on which you’ve installed Google Drive. Therefore, if you are using Google Docs, Google Drive will let you access your google doc anywhere and at any time.

Downloading Google Drive to your desktop allows you to save images; Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations; videos; music; etc. on your Drive from your desktop. Therefore, you can skip the step of uploading your files to your Drive in your Google account.

Step 1

Go to drive.google.com and log in to your Google account or create an account.

Screenshot of the google login.

Step 2

To install Google Drive on your desktop, select the gear icon in the top right corner and then select Download Drive.

Screenshot of the Download Drive option.

Step 3

You will be transferred to a new page. Select Download Drive and then select Mac and PC.

Screenshot of the Mac and PC option.

Step 4

In the new window that that appears, select Accept and Install.

Screenshot of the Accept and Install button.

Step 5

Save the program file to your computer. Once the file has downloaded, run the program and then wait for it to install.

Step 6

Once the program has installed, you will see the following window. Select Get Started.

Screenshot of the Get Started button.

Step 7

Log in to your Google account.

Screenshot of the Google login page.

Step 8

The next window informs you that every file you save in your Google Drive folder will also be saved in your Drive online. Select Next.

Screenshot of the Next button.

Step 9

The next window provides the links to download the Google Drive app on your iOS or Android device. Select Next.

Screenshot of the Next button.

Step 10

The next window shows you how to share your files from your desktop. Select Next.

Screenshot of the Next button.

Step 11

The next window shows you where to access and manage your Drive. Select Done.

Screenshot of the Done button.

Windows Explorer will open your Google Drive folder. The folder will already have all of the files saved on your online Google Drive. You may need to wait for a few minutes before all of your files appear in the folder.

You can now create, edit, and save files in your Google Drive folder. Any actions you do in the folder will also occur online and on your mobile device if you have installed the Google Drive app.

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