This tutorial shows Adobe Connect presenters how to share a whiteboard during a meeting.

Start Sharing

Select the Share My Screen drop-down arrow and select Share Whiteboard.

Screenshot of the Share Whiteboard button.

Go Full Screen

Select the four arrow button in the top right corner to make the whiteboard full screen.

Screenshot of the fullscreen button.

Add Whiteboards

To add a new whiteboard, select the right arrow in the bottom left corner. To switch back to previous whiteboards, select the left arrow.

Screenshot of the bottom arrows.

Use the Pointer

The pointer is a green arrow that moves to wherever you select on the whiteboard when the pointer tool is selected. To use the pointer, select the arrow in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the pointer.

Use the Whiteboard Tools

Use the options in the toolbar on the left side of the whiteboard to write on the board.

Screenshot of the toolbar on the left.

Selection/Pan Tool

The Selection tool looks like a triangle with an indented bottom. This tool allows you to select annotations on the whiteboard.

The pan tool allows you to drag the whiteboard around in order to view all of your writing. To switch to the Pan tool, select the Selection tool and then select the hand tool.

Screenshot of the selection and pan tools.

Drawing Tool

The Drawing tool allows you to draw on the whiteboard with a marker, highlighter, pen, or pencil. The various writing tools vary in width and opacity. To switch between tools, select the Drawing tool to open the menu and then select the writing utensil you want. Continue to the Formatting Tools section to learn how to change the color and thickness of the drawing tools.

Screenshot of the drawing tool.

Garbage Tool

Use the garbage tool to remove content from the whiteboard. To delete content, 1) select the Selection tool, 2) select the item you want to remove, and then 3) select the Garbage tool.

Screenshot of the garbage tool.

To remove several items at once, 1) select the Selection tool, 2) select and drag a box around all of the items you want to remove, and then 3) select the Garbage tool.

Screenshot of deleting a selection.

Text Tool

Use the text tool to type text onto the whiteboard. Select the Text tool and then select on the whiteboard where you want to add the text to start typing.

Double select the text with the selection tool to edit it after you have selected away from the text.

To change the font, double select the text with the selection tool and then select the Font tool at the bottom of the toolbar. Select a font from the list to change the font.

Screenshot of the text tool.

Shape Tool

The Shape tool allows you to choose from several shapes to add to the whiteboard. To switch between shapes, select the Shape tool and then select the shape you want. Next, select and drag on the whiteboard and then release when the shape is the right size. Continue to the Formating Tools section to learn about changing the appearance of shapes.

Screenshot of the shape tool.

To add text to a shape or drawing, 1) select the Selection tool, 2) double select the item to which you want to add text, and then 3) type in the text box that appears in the middle.

Screenshot of adding text to a shape.

Formatting Tools

Change the Color

Select the Color rectangle and then select a color from the options on the left side or use the white bars on the three columns to choose your own color. To change the color to no fill, select the white box with the red line through it in the bottom left corner.

Screenshot of changing the color.

Change the Size/Thickness

Select the Size/Thickness circle and then drag the gray rectangle up or down to increase/decrease the size. The colored circle inside the white circle will change as you drag the rectangle up/down to display what the new size will be.

Screenshot of changing the size/thickness.

Change the Opacity

Select the Opacity rectangle and then drag the gray rectangle up/down to make the shape more opaque or more transparent.

Screenshot of changing the opacity.

Undo/Redo Tools

To undo or redo an action, select the arrow tools.

Screenshot of the arrow icons.

Arrange Menu

If you have overlying content on the whiteboard, use the Arrange Menu to change which item is on top. 1) Select the Selection tool, 2) select the item 3) select the Arrange Menu, and then 4) select whether you want the selected item to be brought to the very front, brought forward one item, sent back one item, or sent to the very back.

Screenshot of the arrange menu.

Stop Sharing

To stop sharing the whiteboard, select the Stop Sharing button in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the Stop Sharing button.

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