This tutorial will show you how to share your screen during a conference. When you share your screen, participants in the conference can see everything displayed on your monitor. This tool is great for showing participants how to do something on their computers.

Step 1

Select Share My Screen in the middle of the window.

Screenshot of the Share My Screen button.

Step 2

If you have dual monitors, use the Desktop tab to select which monitor you want to share.

Screenshot of choosing a monitor.

Step 3

Select the Applications tab and Windows tab to choose which programs/windows you want to share with participants.

Screenshot of selecting applications.

Step 4

To make your screen take up the entire screen of your participants' computer, select Make Share Pod Full Screen for Attendees in the bottom right corner. To have your monitor appear just in the large gray space within Adobe Connect, leave this option unselected.

Screenshot of the Make Share Pod Full-Screen option.

Step 5

Select Share once you are ready to share your screen with the participants.

Screenshot of the Share button.

A small window will appear on your screen. The Share tab gives you the options to stop sharing your screen and pause and annotate your screen. Select the full-screen button in the top right corner to reopen the full-sized Adobe Connect window.

Screenshot of the Share tab.

If you selected the Pause and Annotate button, a new window will open with an image of what your desktop had open when you selected the Pause button. Use the tools on the left to annotate the image. These tools are the same as those used when you share a whiteboard. Go to [insert tutorial here] to learn about these tools.

Once you have finished adding annotations, select Resume in the top right corner.

Screenshot of annotating the screen.

Select the Webcam tab to turn on your webcam. Participants will only be able to view your webcam feedback if you didn't select the box that makes the Share pod fullscreen. Select Stop My Webcam to turn your webcam off.

Screenshot of the webcam tab.

Select the Microphone tab to turn on your microphone. Select it again to turn it off.

Screenshot of the microphone tab.

Select the Speaker tab to adjust your speaker volume.

Screenshot of the speaker tab.

Select the Attendees tab to view the other members of the participants and their statuses. Select a participant's name to start a private chat, request a screen share, or change roles. If you request a screen share, the conference will display the participant's screen instead of yours.

Screenshot of the attendees tab.

Select the Chat tab to chat with participants.

Screenshot of the Chat tab.

If a participant changes his/her status, requests control, etc., a red circle will appear on the Notifications tab to inform you of the change. Select the Notifications tab to view the notifications.

Screenshot of the notifications tab.


If a participant requests control, you can relinquish control of the screen share to the participant so that the participant can perform actions on your shared screen.

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