This tutorial will show you how to add content to pages in your ePortfolio. You can add text, HTML/embedded content, assignments you previously submitted to Canvas, and images/files to a page, and you can add multiple items to each page.

Open your ePortfolio and then select the page to which you want to add content. Then select Edit This Page.

Screenshot of the Edit This Page button.

Adding Text

To add text, select Rich Text Content in the Add Content pane on the right. A text box will appear. Use the tools at the top to format your text.

Screenshot of the rich text content editor.

Adding HTML/Embedded Content

To add HTML code or embed content (such as a YouTube video), select HTML/Embedded Content in the Add Content pane on the right. A text box will appear. Write or paste your code into the box.

Screenshot of the HTML content box.

Adding Course Submissions

To add assignments you submitted to Canvas, select Course Submission in the Add Content pane on the right. Scroll through the list until you find the right assignment and then select Select Submission.

Screenshot of selecting an assignment.

Adding Images/Files

To add images/files to the page, select Image/File Upload in the Add Content pane on the right. Use the drop-down at the top to find files you already uploaded to Canvas. Select Choose File to upload a new file. Then select Select/Upload File.

Screenshot of uploading a file.

Managing Page Content

Now that you have some content on your page, you need to know how to manage it.

To remove a file upload, text box, etc., select the garbage can icon that appears in the top right corner of the content box when you hover your cursor over it.

Screenshot of the garbage can icon.

Rearrange content boxes by hovering your cursor in the top left corner of the content box you want to move, selecting, and dragging the content box to a new location.

Screenshot of rearranging content.

To allow users to comment on the page, select the option at the bottom.

Screenshot of the Allowing Comments option.

To save your page and view it as other users will see it, select Save Page.

Screenshot of the Save Page button.

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