This tutorial will show you how to manage your ePortfolio. The following features are all available on the ePortfolio dashboard, which is the first page you see when you open your ePortfolio.

Change the Privacy Settings and Rename the ePortfolio

Select ePortfolio Settings in the pane on the left. Make your eportfolio public or not public by selecting or deselecting the box next to Make it Public. You can also change the name of the ePortfolio in this window. Then select Update ePortfolio.

Screenshot of making it public.

Share Your ePortfolio

If you chose to make your ePortfolio public, copy the URL at the top and share it with others.

Screenshot of the URL

If your ePortfolio is private, select the link in the middle of the page and share it with others.

Screenshot of the private link.

Download or Delete the ePortfolio

Select Download the contents of this ePortfolio as a zip file to save the contents of your ePortfolio at another location.

To remove an ePortfolio and all of its contents, select Delete this ePortfolio.

Screenshot of the download and delete options.

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