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This tutorial is about creating questions from the edit menu in Respondus.

Step 1

Make sure the Current Personality is Instructure Canvas and then select Open.

Screenshot of the Open button.

Step 2

Open the file in which you want to edit questions.

Screenshot of the Open button.

Step 3

The file will open in the Edit window. This is where you create new questions or edit questions that are already in the file.

Screenshot of the Edit tab.

Step 4

You can create multiple types of questions, which are listed in the left hand pane. We will use Multiple Choice in this tutorial as an example. To learn about creating the other question types, go to

Screenshot of the Multiple Choice tab.

Step 5

Type your question in the Question Wording box and then put the answers choices in the Answers box.

Screenshot of the Question Wording and Answers sections.

Step 6

Select the drop down arrow next to Select Correct Answer to specify the correct answer.

Screenshot of choosing the correct answer.

Step 7

You can preview the question by selecting the Preview button.
Screenshot of the Preview button.

Screenshot of the preview window.

Step 8

Select Add to End of List or Insert into List to save the question.
Screenshot of the Add to End of List and Insert into List buttons.

Step 9

If you selected Insert into List, type in the location where you want the question in the window that appears and then select OK.

Screenshot of the Insert Question into List window.

Step 10

To edit a question that already exists in the list, select the arrow next to the question title and then select Edit.

Screenshot of the Edit option.

For additional Respondus help and information, go to


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