This tutorial will show you how to create a quiz directly in Respondus.

Step 1

Open Respondus and select Create.

Screenshot of the Create button.

Step 2

Fill in the Name of File and Description and then select OK.

Screenshot of naming the file.

Step 3

After the quiz is created, the Edit window will open.

Screenshot of the Edit tab.

Step 4

Fill in the title, wording, and possible answers and then specify the correct answer and point value.

Screenshot of filling out the options.

Step 5

To add feedback to one or more of the possible answers, check the box next to Feedback and then type in the feedback in the f box.

Screenshot of adding feedback.

Step 6

To add general feedback, select General Feedback and type in your feedback. Then select File and select Save and Exit.

Screenshot of the Save and Exit button.

Step 7

To add feedback for correct and incorrect answers, select Correct/Incorrect Feedback and type in your feedback. Then select OK.

Screenshot of the OK button.

Step 8

Select the Save button when you have finished creating your quiz.

Screenshot of the Save button.

For additional Respondus help and information, go to http://respondus.com/products/respondus/demos.shtml

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