ELO New Method

This tutorial will show you how to use Essential Learning Outcomes. Starting in Fall 2017 these will automatically be imported into your courses.

Step 1

When you get your Fall course you will see the screenshot below as your homepage. This homepage is just here to let you know about the new syllabus statements (you can change the homepage by following the steps in this tutorial https://help.suu.edu/article/249/faculty-set-your-homepage)..) HomePage

Step 2

You will see all 15 SUU ELOs have been pulled into your course by selecting Outcomes in the white toolbar on the left side of Canvas.

Step 3

In order to measure ELO's, you need to put the ELO's on a rubric attached to an assignment. So first you need to create the assignment by clicking on Assignments on the lefthand toolbar. Then you select the plus icon.

Step 4

Name the assignment (In our example we named the assignment ELO) and select Save.

Step 5

This will take you back to the Assignments page. Select the ELO assignment.

Step 6

Select Rubric

Step 7

Name the title of the rubric to (In our example we named the rubric ELO). Select the garbage can to remove the criteria. Then select Find Outcomes.


Step 8

Select the ELO you wish to add.

Step 9

Select the white folder to see the sub ELO's.

Step 10

Select the Sub-ELO you wish to add. Then select the Check box "Use this criterion for scoring" so that there is no check in the box.

It should look like this

Step 11

Select Import. Then select ok when the pop-up box appears.

Step 12

If you have unchecked the box then total points should be zero


This is what will happen when the box is checked.

You will see that the total points has a number value. Select the blue X next to the offending sub-ELO. Then select Find Outcome to start over.


The dashes do not count toward the final grade. The 4 pts does count toward the final grade.

Dashes come from unchecking the box, and points come from leaving the box checked.

Step 13

Select Update Rubric to save.

Step 14

Verify that once you update the rubric that the total points are 0.

Step 15

Select SpeedGrader. In SpeedGrader, Select View Rubric.

Step 16

Select the rankings the student earned. Then select Save. Remember there will be no grade associated with this.

Step 17

Select Gradebook icon in the top left corner. Now that you are in Gradebook, you will see there is no score counting towards or against the student.

Step 18

Select Learning Mastery. Here you will see the rankings. As long as you see the colored boxes the Provost's Office receives the results.

Step 19

If you want to see a CSV or an Excel report for exactly the data from your course being imported to the Provost Office, select Export report on the right-hand side and you will see what the Provost's Office receives.

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