Oh no! Your students just took a quiz/exam in Canvas, but you didn't realize that a question had the wrong answer marked until afterward! Don't worry. Canvas has a regrade feature that allows you to fix the answer and reward the correct score to your students all at once.

NOTE: Questions that are part of a question bank cannot be regraded as outlined in this tutorial because the questions may be used in more than one question bank.

For more information on regrading quizzes, visit the Instructure tutorial.

Step 1

Open the quiz that needs to be fixed in edit mode and then select the Questions tab at the top.

Screenshot of the Questions tab.

Step 2

Find the question that has the wrong answer and select the pencil icon.

Screenshot of the pencil icon.

Step 3

Select the green arrow next to the possible answer that is correct. A new window with REGRADE OPTIONS will appear.

Screenshot of the regrade options.

Step 4

Select the option that is appropriate for the situation. Then select Update.

NOTE: Available regrade options vary with the question type.

Screenshot of selecting a regrade option.

Step 5

Select the blue Update Question button to save your changes.

Screenshot of the Update Question button.

Step 6

Scroll to the bottom and select Save to apply the change to your students' scores.

Screenshot of the Save button.

Your students will be notified about the regraded question and will be able to see their scores before and after you regraded the question.

Screenshot of the students' view.

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