This tutorial will give you an overview of the features of the course settings page.

Open your course and then select Settings at the bottom of the page on the left.

Screenshot of the Settings tool.

Course Details

The Course Details tab includes several options, but we recommend only customizing the features highlighted below. If you have any questions about the other features, please contact SUU Online at onlinesupport@suu.edu or 435-865-8555 before changing anything not in this tutorial.

Screenshot of the Course Details tab.

The Language options allow you to change the language of your Canvas course. An example of a situation in which you should change the language is an instructor who teaches a foreign language class.

Screenshot of the Language option.

Add Turnitin comments if you want your students to see a default message from you when they submit an assignment for which Turnitin is enabled.

Screenshot of the Turnitin Comments section.

Select Enable course grading scheme if your grading scheme is different from the default one. Go to https://help.suu.edu/article/621/faculty-publish-grades-to-banner for more instructions on creating a grading scheme.

Screenshot of the Grading Scheme option.

To change the license for your course, use the drop-down menu. Select the ? for more details on the license. If you change the license to something other than the default, please change it back to Private (Copyrighted) at the end of the semester.

Screenshot of the License option.

Adjust the visibility settings by selecting the boxes. Go to the Canvas Course Visibility Options document provided by Instructure to learn more about the visibility settings.

Screenshot of the visibility options.

If your course is part of the public course index, you can include a description for your course in the description field.

Screenshot of the Description option.

Select More Options at the bottom of the page to view additional options related to discussions, groups, grades, and announcements. Select the boxes to turn them off or on. Use the dropdown menu to change who can edit pages.

Screenshot of the More Options.

Select Update Course Details to save your changes.

Screenshot of the Update Course Details button.


Select the Sections tab to view the sections that have been combined in your shell. Select the individual sections to view the students enrolled in that section.

Screenshot of the Sections tab.


Select the Navigation tab to reorder the tools in the pane on the left. Select and drag the tools up or down to rearrange them. Drag tools from the bottom section to the top section to activate tools. (Only tools in the top section are visible to students.) Select Save to save your changes.

Screenshot of the Navigation tab.


The Apps tab allows you to install external apps into your course. Select the individual apps to read the functions of each app. If you find an app(s) you want to install, please contact SUU Online as some apps may already be activated for your use. SUU Online can also provide training on using apps.

Screenshot of the Apps tab.

Grade Publishing

The Grade Publishing tab allows you to send your grades from Canvas to Banner. Select the following link to learn more about this feature: https://help.suu.edu/article/621/faculty-publish-grades-to-banner

Screenshot of the Grade Publishing tab.

Feature Options

The Feature Options tab allows you to enable features in your course. Beta means that the feature is still being tested. Please contact SUU Online before activating any features because some features cannot be deactivated once you turn them on.

Screenshot of the Feature Options tab.

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