Do you have a video on your tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) that you want to include in one of your Canvas courses? You may initially think that emailing the video to yourself and then embedding the video on your PC is the easiest method, but this tutorial will show you how to use the My Media tool to embed the video directly from your mobile device.

NOTE FOR STUDENTS: Access to the My Media tool varies because instructors can choose to activate or not activate it.

Step 1

Log in to your Canvas account and then select the box for the course in which you want to add the video.

Screenshot of selecting a course.

Step 2

Select the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner to display the tool pane. Select the My Media tool. [Read the Activating Canvas Tools tutorial if you haven't activated the My Media tool already.]

Screenshot of the My Media tool.

Step 3

Select the Add New button and then choose Media Upload.

Screenshot of the Add New button.

Step 4

Select Choose a file to upload.

Screenshot of the Choose a file to upload button.

Steps 4-8 will differ based on the device and browser you're using. This tutorial has instructions for iPad users working through the Google Chrome browser. If you have an Android or Windows mobile device and are having difficulties selecting the video, please contact SUU Online at onlinesupport@suu.edu or 435-865-8555.

Step 5

Select Photo Library.

Screenshot of the Photo Library option.

Step 6

Select Videos.

Screenshot of the Videos option.

Step 7

Select the video you want to embed.

Screenshot of selecting the video.

Step 8

Select Use in the top right corner. Wait for the video to compress, and then the window will close automatically.

Screenshot of the Use option.

Step 9

Wait for the video to complete uploading.

Screenshot of the video uploading.

Step 10

Scroll to the bottom and select Save.

Screenshot of the Save button.

Step 11

Select the Pages, Discussions, Assignments, etc. tool to navigate to the location in which you want to embed the video. Select the Kaltura icon (blue and orange circle).

Screenshot of the Kaltura icon.

Step 12

Find your video and then select the blue Select button.

Screenshot of the Select button.

Step 13

You will see a gray placeholder box. The video will appear once you select Save.

Screenshot of the gray placeholder.

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