This tutorial will show you how to record a conference and then view or share the recording with anyone.

Step 1

Enter a conference. You will only be able to share parts of the conference that you record, so once you want to start recording, select the Meeting button in the toolbar at the top of the page and select Record Meeting.

Screenshot of the Record Meeting option.

Step 2

Type in a recording title and an optional description, then select OK.

Screenshot of the Record Meeting window.

Step 3

A red circle and a black box will appear in the top right corner. Use the options in the black box to pause or stop the recording. If you want to pause or stop the recording after the black box has closed, select the red circle to reopen it.

Screenshot of the Record Meeting window.

Step 4

When you have finished your recording, select Stop Recording in the black box and then close the meeting.

Screenshot of the Stop Recording option.

Step 5

The Canvas conferences page will still show the meeting as In Progress. Select End.

Screenshot of the End button.

Step 6

The meeting you just ended will appear in the Concluded Conferences section and show that the meeting has no recordings. Once you refresh the page, the meeting will show the number of recordings you made during the conference.

Screenshot of the 1 Recording section.

Step 7

To share the recording with anyone (including people not in your course), select the title of the conference to display the recordings and then select the View button that corresponds with the recording. Highlight the URL up to the forward slash before the question mark and then copy and paste it into an e-mail, announcement, etc.

Screenshot of the View button.

Screenshot of highlighting the URL.

Step 8

Non-course members/Canvas users simply select the link that was sent or shared with you or copy and paste the URL into your browser address bar to view the recording.

Step 9

People who are participants in your course can also access the recordings via the Conferences tool in Canvas. However, the recordings will only appear if you invited that student to the conference. You can invite participants when you first create the conference, and you can also invite participants after the meeting has started by selecting the gear icon and then selecting Edit.

Screenshot of the Members section.

Screenshot of the gear menu.

Step 10

To access the recording as a course member, log in to Canvas, select the Conference tool, select the name of the conference, and then select the View button that corresponds with the recording you want to watch.

Screenshot of the View button.

If you would like to know how to download a recorded meeting please click this link. https://help.suu.edu/article/619/adobe-connect-downloading-a-recorded-meeting

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