This is a tutorial about how to install Respondus on your computer.

Step 1

Go to www.uen.org

Step 2

Hover your cursor over the Higher Education tab and then select the Respondus option.

Screenshot of the Higher Education tab.

Step 3

A pop-up window will appear asking for the username and password. Please call ext 8746 or email SUU Online at onlinesupport@suu.edu for the username and password. After you enter the username and password, select Log in.

Screenshot of the username and password window.

Step 4

On the new page select Download. Keep this window open because you will need to paste the institution name, local support contact, and installation password into a window in step 16.

Screenshot of the download servers.

Step 5

Once the program has downloaded, open the .exe file and select Run.

Screenshot of the Run window.

Step 6

Select your setup language and select Next.

Screenshot of the Next button.

Step 7

The Respondus Install Wizard will open. Select Next.

Screenshot of the next button.

Step 8

Select the circle next to I accept the terms of the license agreement and then select Next.

Screenshot of accepting the license agreement.

Step 9

The next window will ask you to choose the destination location. We recommend not changing the location from the default. Select Next.

Screenshot of the Next button.

Step 10

The next window will give you the option of changing your projects folder location. We recommend keeping it at the default location. Select Next.

Screenshot of the Next button.

Step 11

You are now ready to begin the installation. Select Install and then wait for Respondus to finish installing.

Screenshot of the Install button.

Step 12

A window will appear asking you if you want to install Respondus Equation Editor. Select Yes.

Screenshot of the Yes button.

Step 13

The Respondus Equation Editor Setup window will open. Make sure the Install option has been selected and then select OK.

Screenshot of the Respondus Equation Editor Setup window.

Step 14

The next window will inform you that the installation is complete. Select Finish.

Screenshot of the Finish button.

Step 15

To start using Respondus, find the shortcut on your desktop and open it.

Screenshot of the Respondus shortcut.

Step 16

Paste the information from the UEN site (step 4) into the window that appears. Then select License.

Screenshot of the license window.

Step 17

In the new window that appears, use the drop-down menu to select Instructure Canvas. Then select OK.

Screenshot of the Choose LMS Personality window.

Step 18

Respondus will open. Go to the Respondus tutorials for instructions on using Respondus.

Screenshot of the Respondus window.

For additional Respondus help and information, go to http://respondus.com/products/respondus/demos.shtml

Information compiled by SUU Online™ © 2016

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