This tutorial will walk you through the steps of preparing your computer to use Adobe Connect.

The following link will take you to the Adobe Tech Specs, which will provide you with a list of system requirements for using Adobe Connect.


Step 1

First go to the following link to test your computer for all of the tools you will need to participate in a meeting: http://admin.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

Screenshot of the test.

Step 2

Once you have completed the test and join the conference, right-click in any of the pods and then select Settings.

Screenshot of the Settings option.

Step 3

Select the Camera tab and use the drop-down arrow to select your webcam.

Screenshot of the camera tab.

Step 4

Select the Microphone tab and use the drop-down arrow to select your microphone. Use the slider to adjust microphone volume and select the box next to Reduce Echo.

Screenshot of the microphone tab.

Step 5

Select the Local Storage tab (the folder icon) and move the slider to Unlimited to allow maximum storage.

Screenshot of the folder tab.

Step 6

Select the Privacy tab (the computer monitor with an eye on it) and check Allow so Adobe Connect can access your webcam and microphone for the web meeting. Select Close when finished.

Screenshot of the privacy tab.

Once you have access to the meeting room for the first time, you will only need to perform the set-up once. (Keep in mind that this is assuming that you’re using the same PC.)

If you need help with the setup, contact the Canvas Support office: 435-865-8555 or email onlinesupport@suu.edu.

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