The Office of Campus Recreation (located on the first floor of the Physical Education Building) classifies intramural sports into two categories based on the duration of the competition: (1) One/Two Day Competitions and (2) Multi- week Competitions.

One/Two Day Competitions or Activities

  • Racquetball Tournament
  • Badminton Tournament
  • Tennis Tournament
  • Pickle-ball Tournament
  • Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Many of these competitions or activities are facilitated by Campus Recreation in partnership with Physical Education students taking course in athletics administration, officiating, or coaching. In this sense, these competitions may be considered co-curricular for students enrolled in the Physical Education courses.

To sign up for these competitions, please visit the CAGE in the Physical Education Building. Notice of the competitions will be posted on campus prior to the date of the competition.

Notice that the multi-week competitions are team sports. Students need to complete an individual participant sheet and a team registration sheet. These forms are available at the Campus Recreation Office or the PE Equipment CAGE. Both are located on the first floor of the Physical Education Building.

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