Intramural sports are athletic competitions wherein ONLY SUU students and faculty/staff are permitted to participate. They are "intra"-campus sports where members of the campus community compete against one another. They are amateur in nature and often are divided into leagues based on interest and skill. For example, within intramural basketball, there may be an A-League and a B-League. A-League is for individuals who self-identify as highly-skilled and highly-competitive. B-League is for individuals who are less competitive and less skilled but still enjoy the activity.

In contrast to intramural sports, the University operates an intercollegiate athletic program that is sanctioned by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA). These contests pit SUU's sponsored athletic programs against other college and university teams. In addition to the University's intercollegiate athletic program, there are also sports clubs that are not sanctioned by the NCAA or the University, but students organize a team to compete with other colleges and universities. Neither sports clubs or intercollegiate athletic programs are considered intramurals.

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