Students applying for residency must prove that their intent is to be domiciled in the State of Utah. In other words, there must be evidence that they live in Utah. There are indicators of domicile that the University uses to confirm a student intends to live in Utah. Those indicators are:

  1. Verification of your length of residence in Utah (school transcripts and/or employment contracts)
  2. A valid Utah Driver's License
  3. Utah Voter Registration (this can be completed at the time you apply for a driver's license)
  4. Utah Vehicle Registration
  5. Utah Tax Return

Students applying for residency must provide copies of these documents as part of their application for Residency.

In addition to these indicators, depending on the condition a student seeks to satisfy, they may also have to Declare Financial Independence from their parents in order to become a resident of Utah. To determine if you must declare financial independence visit the Residency website. You should also speak to the University's Residency Officer - Christine Proctor. You can reach Christine at 435-586-7740.

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