The University defines academic misconduct as:

"Any action or behavior engaged in during the completion of course-related tasks, assignments, or assessments that is inconsistent with the guidelines, directions or requirements instituted by an instructor or with the ethical and professional standards of an academic discipline."

The University maintains a policy on Academic Integrity that provides an explanation of the types of behaviors that constitute academic misconduct. (See SUU Policy # 6.33) That policy identifies the following behaviors:

  1. Cheating on exams or other forms of assessment or assignments
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Fabrication or forgery
  4. Obstruction of learning
  5. Multiple submission of assignments
  6. Copyright infringement
  7. Research Misconduct
  8. Complicity (helping others cheat or failing to report)
  9. Misuse of translation or recording devices

Students can review the policy for the definitions of these violations and infractions.

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