The University defines non-academic misconduct as:

"Any action, behavior or conduct that is inconsistent with (a) the expectations, standards, and requirements of the University as explained through its policies, (b) federal, state, or municipal laws, or (c) shared community standards. Such action, behavior or conduct does not directly pertain to or relate to the completion of course-related tasks, assignments, or assessments."

The Student Conduct Code (SUU Policy # 11.2) identifies the following broad categories of prohibited conduct:

  1. Sexual Misconduct (Harassment, violence, exploitation)
  2. Violations Against Others (Abuse, assault, discrimination harassment, hazing, bullying etc.)
  3. Violations Against Property (Theft, burglary, trespassing, copyright infringement, etc.)
  4. Obstructing the Orderly Administration of University Operations
  5. Violations Against Public Health & Safety
  6. Unlawful Conduct
  7. Violations of Housing Regulations
  8. Interference with the Conduct Process
  9. Shared Responsibility Violations (Misconduct of Guests & Failing to Report)
  10. Alcohol & Other Drugs
  11. Student Employment Misconduct

Students can review the policy to see specific types of misconduct that will lead the University to institute its conduct proceedings.

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