When you log into your MySUU Portal you may have received a message entitled “Academic Performance Assessment” from one of your professors. The University has developed this messaging system to help students receive feedback from their professors about their performance in class. Professors can issue one of three messages to you:

Message Title


Message Meaning


Academic Performance Assessment – Satisfactory


Your instructor has found your performance meets or exceeds his or her expectations.

Academic Performance Assessment – Unsatisfactory


Your instructor has determined your performance does not meet his or her expectations.

Academic Performance Assessment – Concerned


Your instructor has determined you are at risk for failing the course.

Depending on the feedback you receive, you may need to increase your effort or seek assistance. The message includes information about common campus resources to help you improve your performance.

Some students have indicated they feel like this is an impersonal way for a faculty member to convey their feedback. If you feel this way, you should talk with your faculty member. When you speak to them, try to empathize with their situation. Some SUU faculty members teach four or five courses per semester which can mean they have more than 150 students each semester. In addition to teaching, faculty members advise student organizations, serve on campus committees, and engage in rigorous academic research. Just as you feel very busy, so do they and this is one way they can give you feedback without being intrusive or consuming too much time. So rather than thinking of the notification as all they have to say to you, consider it an invitation to find them for more feedback.

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