That depends on the nature of the hold on your campus account. The University relies on account holds in order to make sure students are honoring the commitments and obligations they have made to the University. Many departments on campus are authorized to place holds for this purpose. Common examples of holds include the following:

Type of Hold


Reason for Hold


Financial Holds


Cashier's Office will place holds on student accounts that have an outstanding balance.

Conduct Holds


The Vice President for Student Affairs will place holds to ensure students participate in disciplinary proceedings.

Library Holds


The University Library will place holds to recover delinquent materials or unpaid fines.

Parking Holds


Parking Services will place holds on accounts to resolve tickets that have been issued but unheeded.

Having a hold placed on your account can limit or prevent your ability to request transcripts, receive your diploma, access your grades, and register for courses. In some circumstances, a hold may be lifted for a temporary time provided you can demonstrate your ability and willingness to correct the circumstances that resulted in the hold being placed. To do so, you will need to work with the administrative unit or office that placed the hold.

To identify the source of a hold, you can contact the Registrar's Office at 435-586-7715 or visit their office in the Student Center Rotunda.

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