Exceeding eighteen [18] credit hours in a semester can be very challenging depending on the courses you decide to take. For this reason, it is wise for you to consult with your academic advisor and the Dean of your college or school to determine if you fully understand (1) the rigor or each course, (2) the minimum time you'll need to invest in each course to succeed, and (3) resources available to manage a heavier course load. If after consulting with your academic advisor and dean, everyone is confident you can manage the increased load, you can receive approval for a credit overload by completing the [REQUEST FOR CREDIT OVERLOAD]http://suu.edu/registrar/pdf/creditoverload.pdf

This process is not in place because the University believes you are incapable of completing more than 18 credits in a semester. It is designed to confirm that you have carefully considered the implications of increasing your credit load and that doing so makes sense for your academic and career plans.

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