following Resident Rights and Responsibilities are conveyed and expected of each resident living in the residence halls. UH intends that residents have the right and responsibility to:

  • receive and review all procedural information related to any proceeding or decision in advance of a judicial review whether in person or by mail either electronic or postal;
  • notification of the alleged Community Standard violation one is charged with prior to the hearing;
  • a judicial review within 72 hours or three business days after notification of the alleged violation at the University Housing office (it is the resident's responsibility to schedule the judicial review);
  • reschedule a judicial review once prior to the scheduled review if the schedule interferes with class or a commitment beyond one's control so long as documentation of the class or commitment can be provided;
  • timely clarification of any contractual obligation, policy, procedure, or Community Standard when requested;
  • be heard as individuals and bring relevant witnesses;
  • have their academic and personal success, as well as their safety considered in each judicial review;
  • bring an advisor (e.g. friend, parent, student, etc.) to a judicial review; however, advisors may not participate in any way except to provide personal support or private advice;
  • view and keep a copy of the incident report;
  • the confidentiality of both proceedings and outcomes by all UH staff and designees or agents;
  • to a fair and impartial judicial review;
  • be treated with dignity and respect at all times;
  • present testimony, evidence, or witnesses relevant to the incident being reviewed;
  • examine, question, and refute testimony, evidence, or witnesses relevant to the incident being reviewed;
  • appear and remain silent or present no testimony, evidence, or witnesses;
  • reasonable accommodation for any person with a documented disability in order to fully participate in a judicial review and the related proceedings, however, one's disability is not a valid defense for any violation and will be held accountable according to the Community Standards.
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