Housing is charged with promoting safety, success, and satisfaction of the students living in the residence halls at Southern Utah University. To aid in accomplishing this charge the following process for adjudicating alleged violations of the Community Standards has been established.

The UH Judicial Education System is intended to be educational rather than punitive and is an administrative process rather than criminal. Decisions in all cases will be made based on a preponderance of evidence and will try to determine responsibility in any violation rather than guilt or innocence. The goal of the UH Judicial Education System is to educate residents and strive for the success of individual residents and the residence hall community. Given its educational aim, the UH Judicial System will be operated as a progressive discipline system where previous sanctions are taken into consideration when new sanctions are being assigned. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

Residents must be aware that the involvement of SUU Police or other law enforcement agencies in any situation where a violation of the Community Standards has occurred may result in criminal prosecution. Additionally, although the UH Judicial Education System is confidential as per University policies and federal law, family members and others will have the right to review case information when the accused resident specifically grants that permission. Shared information will be limited to that information directly related to the accused resident granting permission. UH reserves the right to change or amend the UH Judicial System in consultation with the Residence Hall Association, the Vice President for Student Services, or as deemed necessary to fulfill its established mission.

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