This tutorial will show you how to upload media from your computer to the My Media tool. If you are new to using the My Media tool, please read the Guide to the My Media and Media Gallery Tools [Faculty/Student] before proceeding.

Once you have finished uploading media into My Media, go to https://help.suu.edu/article/312/embedding-audio-and-video-into-canvas for instructions on embedding media from My Media into your course.

Step 1

Log in to your Canvas account and then select the My Media tool in the navigation pane on the left. Then select Log In.

Screenshot of the Log in button.

Step 2

Select Add New.

Screenshot of the Add New button.

Step 3

Select Media Upload.

Screenshot of the Media Upload button.

Step 4

Select Choose a file to upload.

Screenshot of the Choose a file to upload button.

Step 5

Browse for and open the media you want to upload.

You will see the status of the upload at the top.

Type in the name of the media, type a description (optional), add tags by typing the tag followed by a comma (optional), and then select Save.

Screenshot of the status and text boxes.

Step 6

Go back up to the privacy settings and select Published. Choose the courses in which you want to use the video and then select Save.

Screenshot of the published button.

Step 7

Select either Go To Media to view the video or Go To My Media to view all of your videos.

Screenshot of the Go to buttons.

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