This tutorial will show you how to embed media from the My Media tool into Canvas. If you are new to using the My Media tool, please read the Guide to the My Media and Media Gallery Tools [Faculty/Student] before proceeding.

If you have not already uploaded your media to the My Media tool or created media with the screen recorder, webcam recorder, etc., please do that first.

You have the option to embed media into any location in which you see this toolbar:

Screenshot of the toolbar.

Step 1

Select the Kaltura icon.

Screenshot of the Kaltura icon.

Step 2

Review the following image to learn how you can sort your media to find what you need.

Screenshot of the Kaltura window.

1: All media you have uploaded to Canvas

2: Media uploaded to the specific course

3: Choose among most recent, alphabetical, and highest number of comments

4: choose among all statuses, private published, pending, and rejected

5: Choose among all media, videos, audio, and images

6: Choose between Media I Own and I Can Publish

7: Add new media, webcam recording, or screen recording

8: Change view

9: Takes you to the next step for embedding the media

Step 3

Select the Select button once you have found your media. Select the drop-down arrow to select the size of the player.

Screenshot of the Select button.

Step 4

The window will close, and you will see a gray placeholder. Save the page, discussion, etc. to view the media.

Screenshot of

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