This tutorial will show you where to find the comments that your instructors leave on assignments. Instructors can leave comments in three locations:

1) Comments pane

2) Rubric evaluation

3) Document preview

All of these locations can be found by opening the assignment and then selecting Submission Details in the pane on the right.

Screenshot of the Submission Details option.

Option 1: Comments Pane

If your instructor left a comment in the Comments Pane, you will see the comment in the pane on the right. To reply to the comment, type in the text box and then select Save.

Screenshot of the comments pane.

Option 2: Rubric Evaluation

If your instructor left comments in the rubric, select Show Rubric. Then select the green speech bubble to view the comment.

Screenshot of the rubric comments button.

Option 3: Document Preview

If your instructor left comments and/or annotations on the document itself, select View Feedback.

Screenshot of the View Feedback button.

Screenshot of the document preview annotations.

To download your submission and the attached annotations, select the Download button and then select Download annotated PDF in the window that appears.

Screenshot of the download button.

Screenshot of the window that appears.

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