This walkthrough will show you how to fill out and submit the form for non-course populations, or adding/removing a participant to/from a shell not used for academic purposes. This form is applicable for groups that want to use the Canvas tools and features and already have a shell.


To access the form, click the Blue Help Icon in the panel on the left and then click Canvas Request (Forms) or click here.
You have to be signed into your SUU account to submit the form.

Course Information

Select if the course is academic or non-academic. Enter the course code (example: FM: Custodial Safety Training or FM:CST), and if possible, the course URL. Select the semester and if you want to add or remove a user.

Instructor Information

Select if the requester is is the instructor/facilitator or not. Fill in the instructor/facilitator's full name and SUU email address.
Make sure the information you have entered in is correct then click Submit. Your request has now been sent to SUU Online and will be performed shortly.

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