This tutorial will show you how to fill out and submit the form for non-course populations, or adding/removing a participant to/from a shell not used for academic purposes. This form is applicable for groups that want to use the Canvas tools and features and already have a shell. Submit the form to add or remove users.

Step 1

To access the form go to Access Request for Canvas.

Step 2

You have to be signed into your SUU account to submit the form. Fill in your (the course facilitator's) information: first and last name and your SUU email address. Next, fill in the complete title of your course shell and the shortened moniker. Example: FM: Custodial Safety Training, FM:CST

Screenshot of the course facilitator's information.

Step 3

Scroll down to the Individual(s) to be Added/Removed section. Select which type of user needs to be added. Type your participants' usernames into the Participants to be Added and the Participants to be Removed fields. Then select Submit. Your request has now been sent to SUU Online and will be performed shortly.

Screenshot of the individuals to be added/removed section.

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