This tutorial will show you the two main ways to contact your instructor through Canvas.

Using the Help Feature

Step 1

Select the Help button in the bottom left corner.

Screenshot of the Help button.

Step 2

Select Ask Your Instructor a Question.

Screenshot of the Ask Your Instructor a Question option.

Step 3

Choose which course/instructor to whom to send your message and then type your question in the Message box. Next, select Send Message.

Screenshot of the Send Message button.

Using the Inbox Feature

Step 1

Select Inbox in the pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Inbox button.

Step 2

Select the Compose Message icon in the top middle of the page.

Screenshot of the Compose Message icon.

Step 3

Use the dropdown menu to select the course that the instructor teaches and then type in the instructor’s name or select the People icon to choose the recipient. Then type in a subject.

Screenshot of adding a recipient.

Step 4

Type in your message. You can also choose to attach a file or record your message. Then select Send.

Screenshot of writing and sending a message.

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