This tutorial will show you how to take a quiz in Canvas. Your quiz or exam may be accessible from multiple locations such as the syllabus, the calendar, modules, etc. This tutorial will feature taking quizzes by selecting the Quizzes tool.

Be aware of the parameters of the quiz or exam— time limits, time frames (dates available), and other restrictions may be applied to different quizzes depending on the instructor.

Step 1

Select Quizzes in the pane on the left and then select the quiz or exam you wish to take.

Screenshot of the Quizzes tool.

Screenshot of selecting a quiz.

Step 2

Select Take the Quiz to begin answering the questions.

Screenshot of the Take the Quiz button.

If you want to mark the question and come back later, you can select the yellow flag next to the question. However, be aware of the duration of the quiz, if applicable. Once you have started a quiz/exam with a set duration, the clock does not stop. You can see your remaining time in the pane on the right.

Screenshot of the yellow flag.

When you are done with the quiz/exam, select the Submit Answers button.

Screenshot of the Submit Quiz button.

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