This tutorial is an overview of where to access the Turnitin reports for your submitted assignments and how to interpret the results. For more detailed instructions, visit the Turnitin tutorials by selecting the following link: Turnitin Tutorials

Open the assignment and then select the similarity percentage.

The color of the rectangle corresponds to the similarity percentage. Select the following link for more details: https://help.suu.edu/article/571/interpreting-turnitin-color-codes

Screenshot of the Submission Details option.

The originality report will open in a new window. You will see your submission in the center.

  1. Select the speech bubble icon to view your instructors' comments.

  2. Select the number button to view the match overview. The number represents the similarity percentage.

  3. Select the list button to view all of the sources to which your assignment matched.

  4. Select the funnel button to filter to which sources your paper is matched.

  5. Select the download button to open the Download menu.

  6. Select the information button to view a summary of details about your submission.

Screenshot of the originality report.


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