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This tutorial will show you how to get reminder notifications about upcoming assignments. This is done by syncing your Canvas calendar with your Google calendar or another similar calendar. This tutorial shows how to sync the Canvas calendar with a Google calendar. You can use your SUU student Google account if you would like.

Step 1

Log into Canvas and select Calendar in the pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Calendar button.

Step 2

Select Calendar Feed in the bottom right corner.

Screenshot of the Calendar Feed button.

Step 3

Highlight the URL and copy it.

Screenshot of copying the URL.

Step 4

Go to and log in. Select the arrow next to Other calendars in the pane on the left and select Add by URL.

Screenshot of the Add by URL option.

Step 5

Paste the URL into the text box and then select Add Calendar.

Screenshot of pasting the URL.

You will see events from your Canvas calendar now appearing in your Google calendar. To toggle the Canvas calendar on and off, select the box next to the calendar name in the pane on the left.

Screenshot of the calendar.

To change the name of the calendar, select the arrow next to the calendar in the pane on the left and then select Calendar settings. Type a new name into the Calendar Name textbox and then select Save.

Screenshot of changing the calendar name.

To change how, when, and how often you get notifications, select the arrow next to your calendar in the pane on the left and then select Edit notifications.

Screenshot of the Edit notifications option.

Use the drop-down menus to edit your notifications. Select Add a notification if you would like to get multiple notifications about the same assignment. Select Save to keep your changes.

Screenshot of editing the notification settings.


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