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You can set your notification preferences to receive your grades instantly via cell phone, text, or email. Go to http://help.suu.edu/suuonline/help/269/ to learn how.

NOTE: To view your transcripts and/or official grades, go to your SUU portal. Contact the IT Help Desk for help with your portal.

Log in to Canvas and then select View Grades at the bottom of the pane on the right. Next, select the course for which you want to see your grades.

Screenshot of the View Grades button.

On the Assignments tab, you will see a list of your grades by assignment. You will see 1) the name of the assignment, 2) the due date, 3) your score, 4) the number of points that the assignment is worth, and 5) whether or not the assignment was graded anonymously.

Screenshot of the grade columns.

You can view comments, the scoring details for each assignment, the rubric, and Turnitin results by selecting the icons next to your score. However, the comments, rubric, and Turnitin icons will only appear if your professor has included them in the assignment, and the scoring details are only available if more than 5 students submitted the assignment.

Screenshot of the comment icon, checkmark, rubric, and Turnitin icon.


Select the speech bubble to view your instructor's comments on the assignment.

Screenshot of the comments.

Scoring Details

Select the checkmark to view the high, average, and low scores for the assignment. The blue square indicates where your score falls.

Screenshot of the score details.


Select the paper icon to view your rubric evaluation.

Screenshot of the rubric.

Turnitin Results

Select the colored flag icon to view navigate to the Turnitin website to view how your submission compares to other papers.

Screenshot of the turnitin results.

The following icons mean that you have submitted the assignment, but your professor has not graded the submission yet. The icons vary based on the type of submission.

Screenshot of the submission icons.

In the pane on the right, you will see your overall grade and the assignment group weights. You will also see the Show All Details button. Select this button to expand all of the details (comments, rubrics, etc.) for all of your assignments. Additionally, you can use the pane on the right to calculate your grade based only on graded assignments. Check the box to do so.

Screenshot of the Show All Details button.

Select any score and type in a new value to see how the change will affect your total. This is called a What-If score. Select the arrow or Revert to Actual Score button to revert to the original score.

Screenshot of the What-If score.

Select the Learning Mastery tab to view your outcomes results (only available if your professor activates it). Go to the Instructure tutorial for more information about interpreting the Learning Mastery grade book.

Screenshot of the Learning Mastery tab.

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