You can add communication methods to your account and receive notifications through text message, email, etc. For example, students can receive a text with their test scores, and faculty can receive an email when they have a new assignment submission to grade. This tutorial will show you how to set up your notification preferences--what for, when, and how you receive notifications--in Canvas.

Log in to your SUU Canvas account and select the Account button in the pane on the left. Then select Notifications.

Screenshot of Your Name.

The first time you access Notifications, you will only see one column, which will be for your default email address listed in Canvas. However, you can add methods of contact to receive notifications through different sources such as Facebook and text message. To learn how, go to Setup Web Services and Setting Up Contact Methods.

Screenshot of the notification column.

You have four notification preference choices. They are Right Away, Daily, Weekly, and Don’t send me anything. To adjust your notification settings, select the icon that matches your preference. Review the key at the top of the page to learn which icon goes with which preference. The preferences that are turned on are white.

If you have enabled push notifications in the Canvas app on your mobile device, you will see a Push Notification column. Note that this column doesn't have all four options like the other columns; push notifications are only sent right away or not at all.

Screenshot of the four options.

The Submission Comment notification will allow you to get notifications of any comment made on a submission.

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