ePortfolio is a great place to organize all your work that you would like to use for future reference. This tutorial will show you how to create an ePortfolio and create and manage sections and pages within it.

Create an ePortfolio

Step 1

Select the Account button in the pane on the left and then select the ePortfolios option.

Screenshot of selecting ePortfolios.

Step 2

Select Create an ePortfolio in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the Create an ePortfolio button.

Step 3

The Make an ePortfolio section will appear at the bottom of the page. Type in a name for your ePortfolio and then select Make ePortfolio.

Screenshot of the Make ePortfolio button.

Next, you will need to create and manage your sections and pages within your ePortfolio. Your ePortfolio holds the sections, and the sections hold the pages. You will see that the Home section has been created automatically with the Welcome page within it.

Screenshot of the Home section and Welcome page.

Create/Manage Sections

Select Organize Sections in the pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Organize Sections button.

To add a section, select Add Section. To rearrange sections, select and drag the titles of the sections. To rename, delete, or move the section, select the gear icon and select the applicable option.

Select Done Editing to save your changes. Screenshot of managing sections.

Create/Manage Pages

Select the section to which you want to add the page and then select Organize/Manage Pages in the pane on the right.

Screenshot of managing pages.

To add a page to a section, select Add Another Page. Type in a name for the page and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

Screenshot of managing pages.

To rename, delete, or move a page, select the gear icon and then select the applicable option.

Screenshot of the gear menu.

Once you have finished creating/managing your pages, select Done Editing.

Screenshot of the Done Editing button.

To edit the content of a page, select the name of the page and then select Edit This Page.

Screenshot of the Edit This Page button.

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