Instructors often create assignments in Canvas that require students to submit a document to the assignment for credit. This tutorial will show you how to upload a document from your computer and from Google Docs to an assignment in Canvas. Students must authorize Google Docs in their individual accounts in order to submit an assignment via Google Docs.

Upload from Your Computer

Step 1

Open the assignment and then select Submit Assignment in the top right corner of the page.

Screenshot of the Submit Assignment button.

Step 2

Select the File Upload tab and then select Choose File.

Screenshot of the Choose File button.

Step 3

Browse for the file you want to upload and then select Open.

Screenshot of the Open button.

Step 4

If you wish to upload multiple files, select *Add Another File. *

Screenshot of the Add Another File button.

Step 5

If you have any comments you wish to send to the instructor along with your assignment, select inside the Comments box and type your message. Next, select Submit Assignment.

Screenshot of the Comments box.

Upload from Google Docs

Step 1

Open the assignment and select Submit Assignment in the top right corner. Then select the Google Doc tab and then select Authorize Google Docs Access.

Screenshot of the Google Doc tab and Authorize Google Docs Access button.

Step 2

Sign in to your Google Account.

Screenshot of the login information.

Step 3

Select Allow.

Screenshot of the Grant Access button.

Step 4

Select the assignment that you wish to submit. Type in any comments and then select Submit Assignment.

Screenshot of the selected file, comments box, and Turnitin option.

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