This tutorial will show you how to fill out and submit the Non-Student Access Request Form. This form is used to organize requests for

  • TA’s
  • Course designers
  • Co-instructors
  • Observers

NOTE: TA’s are required to complete the FERPA training, which can be accessed at http://suu.edu/ss/registrar/ferpa-training.html

Step 1

To access the form, select the Help icon in the pane on the left and then select Grant Non-Student Access. Or click Here for the link.

Screenshot of the Help button.

Step 2

Scroll down to the What level of access to you want to grant? section and choose which role you want the user to have.

1) TA's only have course access when a course is being taught- the day the semester begins until it ends.

2) Course Designers are non-instructors who assist in the course development. Designer access ends the day before the course is to be taught to students.

3) Co-Instructors (Teachers) once added have the same level of access as the "Instructor of Record." Student employees will not be granted Teacher level access.

4) Observers will have read-only access to the course. The Observer role is not used for course audits (aka Students).

Screenshot of the access roles.

Step 3

Select the correct position of the grantee.

Screenshot of the position options.

Step 4

Ask the person whom you want to add to your course for his/her full name, default email address in his/her Canvas account, and SUU username. Enter the information here.

Screenshot of the grantee information.

Step 5

Enter your information.

Screenshot of the instructor's information.

Step 6

In the last field, type in one course per line in the following format: SUBJ–COURSE#-SECTION#-CRN, (Example: ART–1010–01–31234,) Please include the dashes and trailing comma as this will assist SUU Online in providing timely access to the course.

Screenshot of the course number section.

Step 7

All TA’s must complete FERPA training before they can receive access. Read the Conditional Access Acknowledgement and then select the appropriate option. Then select Submit.

Screenshot o f the FERPA agreement.

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