The Non-Student Access form is used to organize requests for
  • TA’s
  • Graders
  • Course designers
  • Co-instructors
  • Observers
Before you begin, you will need to know the grantee's
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • SUU Username

If you are submitting a request for multiple sections, first submit a Combine Shells Request, then submit this once that has been completed.

NOTE: Anyone being added to the course that has access to ANY grades are required to complete the FERPA training, which can be accessed via the link below. The student must be logged in to their SUU account to access it.

FERPA Certification Training


To access the form, click the Blue Help Icon in the panel on the left and then click Canvas Request (Forms), then click the red Access Request for Canvas button, or click here.
You have to be signed into your SUU account to submit the form.

Course/Grantee Information

Select if the course is academic or non-academic. Enter the course code (example: FM: Custodial Safety Training or FM:CST), and if possible, the course URL. Select the semester, then select add user.

When you select add user, a list of access levels and a descriptions pop up.
  • Non-Academic Shell Participant/Student: Student Role – non-academic shell only
  • Grader:Grader role, limited to grading, moderating discussions, creating groups, messaging
  • TA: Teacher Role, Limited – will only have access during the start & end dates of course, editing and grading access
  • Course Designer: Add, edit, delete access limited to before the start date of the course
  • Co-Instructor: Teacher Role – will have the same level of access as the instructor
  • Observer: Observer Role – read-only access, will not be able to interact or submit work
  • Course Shopper: Teacher Role, Limited – will have read-only access but will be able to copy content into their own course
Once you have determined what level you want the grantee to have, scroll down and select your choice. Depending on the choice you pick, different information boxes will pop up:
  • Non-Academic Shell Participant/Student: Enter in the SUU Username of the grantee. If you want to add multiple, click on the green Add More button. Please only put one username in each line.
  • All Other Options: Enter the grantee's full name, email address, and SUU username.

Then indicate if the grantee is a student, faculty, or staff. Make sure that this information is 100% correct.

Course Instructor/Facilitator's Information

Select if you are the instructor/facilitator for the request or submitting it on their behalf. Then enter your full name and SUU email address. Select if the requester is is the instructor/facilitator or not. Fill in the instructor/facilitator's full name and SUU email address. Make sure the information you have entered in is correct then click Submit. Your request has now been sent to SUU Online and will be performed shortly.
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