This tutorial will show you how to change scores for an already existing assignment and then upload the changes into Canvas.

The first steps will show you how to download the current Canvas grade book as a .csv file. Doing so allows you to use the file as a template, which is much easier and less likely to contain errors than creating your own .csv file.

Step 1

Open the grade book for the class in which you want to upload grades and then select Export.

Screenshot of the Download Scores button.

Step 2

A drop-down menu will appear. If you navigated away from a previous export before now, you will see the option to download that version of the grade book. Otherwise, you will just see the Current option. Select the appropriate option to download the grade book.

Screenshot of the Export options.

Step 3

Open the spreadsheet.

Screenshot of the Excel sheet.

Step 4

Scroll through the assignments (titles are listed in row 1) until you find the assignment that needs to be changed. Double click the line between two columns to expand the column to show all of the content. Do NOT change the title of the assignment. If you wish to change the title, do it in Canvas after you have finished uploading the scores.

Screenshot of the line between columns.

Step 5

Delete column G (or the first assignment) and everything to the right of it except the column you are going to change. Delete the entire column by right-selecting the column and selecting Delete. The goal is to move the assignments you are changing right next to column F. Empty columns between column F and the assignments you are changing adds extra steps to the import process. Deleting this data now will not delete data in Canvas when you upload the file.

Screenshot of deleting columns.

Step 6

Delete the incorrect scores and then type or paste the correct scores into the cell that corresponds with the student.

Screenshot of the assignment column.

Step 7

Save the spreadsheet. You will see a window that asks if you want to keep using this format. Select Yes.

Screenshot of the Yes button.

Step 8

Go back to the grade book for the course in which you are uploading scores. Select Import.

Screenshot of the Upload Scores button.

Step 9

Select Browse. (You don't need to worry about selecting What should the CSV file look like? because you used the spreadsheet you downloaded from Canvas as a template.) Open the .csv file and then select Upload Data.

Screenshot of the browse button.

Step 10

You will see a list of your students with their original scores and the new scores. Verify that they are correct. If a score is incorrect, select the number in the column on the right and type in the correct score. Hit enter after each score you change to save the new score. Next select Save Changes.

Screenshot of the score overview.

Step 11

The following window informs you that the upload may take a few minutes if you have a large file, but the upload will continue even if you navigate away from the page. Select OK.

Screenshot of the OK button.

Step 12

You will be taken back to the grade book. Verify that the assignment and scores were uploaded correctly. You may now edit the name of the assignment if you wish.

Screenshot of the assignment column.

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