Files should be named a certain way to prevent problems with the files once they are uploaded to Canvas.

Have you ever noticed that when a file is uploaded, sometimes strange characters appear such as %20? These strange characters that don't exist in the original file name replace spaces because the program that reads the file name can’t read spaces. Therefore, the program fills spaces with other characters. To avoid these substitutions, use underscores rather than spaces to separate words. The underscore is an accepted, readable character.

Periods do NOT work as separators for words because periods distinguish file extensions such as .docx. If you use periods in the file name (i.e. example.2.docx), the program will read the .2 as part of the file extension and not be able to read the file correctly.

Here are more tips for making good file names:

  1. All lowercase letters

  2. No special characters

  3. No more than eight alpha-numeric characters before the extension (i.e. example.docx instead of thisisanexample.docx)

File names are sensitive, and so using simple file names is best. The following file names are examples of ideal file names:

  1. example.docx

  2. example1.docx

  3. example_2.docx

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