Differentiated assignments are useful for courses in which several sections are combined and you don't want all of the sections to do an assignment or you want the availability/due dates to be different for one or more sections. Differentiated assignments also apply to individual students and groups; you can create an assignment that only some students or groups are required to complete, or you can set different availability/due dates for each student.

Note: Make sure that group membership is completely finalized before making group assignments; changing membership after the assignment has been submitted may misalign submissions and grades.

Step 1

Create a new assignment or navigate to the Edit page of a currently existing assignment. Scroll down to the Assign section. The default setting is Everyone. With this setting, all students in all combined sections will be given the assignment and have the same due and availability dates. Type in the appropriate dates and times or use the calendar button to set the dates.

Screenshot of date settings.

Step 2

To create a differentiated assignment for a certain section or student, select the X next to Everyone and then select the appropriate course or student in the list that opens. If the section or student for which you are setting the dates doesn't appear, start typing the name until it shows up. You can include multiple sections/students in the Assign To section.

Screenshot of the For dropdown menu.

Step 3

Select the due date and availability dates for the assignment for that section/student (if any). If you only need one section/student to have access to the assignment, finish editing the assignment by selecting Save to save the assignment in draft state or Save and Publish to make the assignment visible to students. If you want additional sections/students to complete the assignment but with different due and/or availability dates, select the +Add button.

Screenshot of the date settings and +Due Date button.

Step 4

Select the next section/student that should have access to the assignment and set the due date and availability dates for that section/student. Continue selecting the +Add button and setting the dates until all of the appropriate sections/students have been assigned.

Select the X in the top right corner to remove a section/student that you don't want to complete the assignment.

When you have finished setting up the assignment, select Save & Publish or Save to save but not publish the assignment.

Screenshot of the date settings, +Due Date button, and Update Assignment button.

If you only have a few students who need different due/availability dates, set a separate section(s) for those students and then select Everyone Else in an additional section.

Screenshot of Everyone Else.

Only the sections/students that you assigned to the assignment in the Assign To setting can view the assignment; it won't appear at all in the accounts of the students in the unchosen sections. However, the assignment will appear for all students in your gradebook of the combined sections, but the cells for students who do not have to complete the assignment will be grayed out. The differentiated assignment will have no effect on the grades of students who have not been chosen to complete the assignment.

Screenshot of the differentiated assignment in the gradebook.

Creating Differentiated Group Assignments

Step 1

To set different availability/due dates for groups, you have to make the assignment a group assignment first. To do so, select the This is a group assignment option and then use the drop down menu to select the appropriate group set.

Screenshot of the group assignment option.

Step 2

Next, scroll down to the Assign section. Select the X next to Everyone to remove it and then select a group in the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of selecting a group.

Step 3

Set the availability and due dates. Select +Add to set dates for other groups. Once you are finished editing the assignment, select Save to save the assignment or Save & Publish to make the assignment visible to students.

Screenshot of setting dates.

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