The Cross-Listing Form sends a request to SUU Online to combine your separate course sections into one manageable shell. Once the shells are combined, you will only need to make changes to one shell, and the changes will be in effect for all of your students. Therefore, all of your students in the combined sections will see the exact same thing. However, you can set different due dates for different sections, and you can make some assignments required for only certain sections. Go to our Creating Differentiated Assignments tutorial to learn more.

As you are preparing to fill out the Combine Shells Request Form, you will want to be ready to provide the subject, course number, section, and CRN of all courses to be combined. The course you put in the "Parent Course" field is the course that all courses entered in the "Course Numbers, Sections, and CRNs" field will be combined into.

The following link will take you to the form:


Screenshot of the cross-list/combine sections form.

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