This tutorial will show you how to submit media (video/audio) that you uploaded to the My Media tool to an assignment. Go to the Guide to the My Media and Media Gallery Tools for more information on the My Media tool.

For instructions on uploading media directly from your computer to the assignment through the Media tab, go to Submit Media Assignments.

Step 1

Open the assignment in which you need to submit the video. Select the Text Entry tab and then select the Kaltura icon in the toolbar at the top of the box.

Screenshot of the Text Entry tab.

Step 2

Find the video you want to upload and select the blue Select button.

Screenshot of the Select button.

Step 3

A gray box will appear to act as a placeholder for your video. Select Submit Assignment to submit your video.

Screenshot of the Submit Assignment button.

Step 4

To view the finished submission, select Submission Details in the Submission box in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the Submission Details button.

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